D N Nirranjan Kani

Mr. Nirranjan is a second generation entrepreneur from VVD family.

VVD Group has been engaged in manufacturing and marketing coconut based hair oils for over 7 decades.

The flagship brand VVD Gold Pure Coconut Oil commands a sizeable market share in South India and is ranked No 3 Pan India. VVD is a household name in Tamil Nadu.

Nirranjan, Executive Director of VVD Sons Private Limited has been responsible for growing VVD as a leading FMCG company in South India.

He is also a Promoter Director of — Holista Tranzworld Pvt Limited and Adsorbent Carbons Pvt Ltd.

Holista manufactures Food Ingredients and food Preparatories for a healthier lifestyle.

Adsorbent Carbons Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Activated Carbon of liquid phase, gas phase, pharma and food applications.

Niranjan is spearheading the Company’s immediate plans to expand its marketing operations both in International and Domestic market.