About us

The Chennai Angels (TCA), formerly known as Chennai Entrepreneurship Trust Fund, was established in November 2007 with the objective of fostering Entrepreneurship with prime focus on nurturing and mentoring new generation entrepreneurs.

Aspiring entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas often fumble to translate thoughts into commercially viable ventures. These teething troubles could be attributed to inadequate awareness in taking the ideas forward or paucity of funds.

In an effort to help these young minds, a group of prominent successful entrepreneurs came forward to form a consortium called The Chennai Entrepreneurship Trust Fund in Nov 2007, which is now The Chennai Angels (TCA). TCA are a Group of successful leaders who have successfully built, run and in many cases exited enterprises across multiple domains and industries.They have also helped entrepreneurs build and grow their ventures and enterprises into successful companies.

Besides providing capital, TCA members act as mentors for the green horns venturing into the world of business. TCA has among its members several Venture Capitalists who are available to partner TCA on larger outlays. The big advantage of being a TCA investee is that, apart from very high quality mentoring, investors are able to handhold the entrepreneur through the life cycle of fund raising as well and open doors to customers and partners of very high order.