Brigge, a Chennai-based app that curates neighborhood leisure activities and connects like-minded people, pitched to raise a second round of funding from The Chennai Angels who provided their seed funding. Pitching for a second round of funding is definitely a difficult task for startups because of the different stages of reviewing the business, evaluating the necessity for additional capital and coming up with a foolproof plan of how they are going to go about with utilizing the funds to grow their company are just few of the most important things a startup needs to consider before pitching before investors.

Talking to Prasanna, one of the founders, confessed that it was a difficult game to play while pitching for a second round but it was a game that they played. He additionally gives credit to The Chennai Angels for being very supportive. Initially though the investors wanted to see if Brigge’s Management team had a solid plan, they went one step ahead and also executed it.
While they have introduced a new concept – ‘Hobby Week’ in Bangalore, a first edition, they are planning on launching it in all major cities one by one because of the support received. He also confirms that this would give them an opportunity to keep at it, reinforce the brand and reach out to the community more.

While there are a number of apps that have started engaging like-minded people, Brigge stands unique because it is a one-stop-shop for leisure-based activities. “It deals with People – Venue – Activity in that order. This is a solution to all your leisure needs whether paid or free. You plan anything with other people who share your interests and we in return assure you have a fulfilling experience!”, signs off Prasanna.