Have you ever watched a movie and felt inspired to do the impossible? The Chennai Angels have come up with the an incredible set of movies that every entrepreneur must watch, analyze and take home!

Do you have your big idea that requires strategic planning and hard work to make it a success? There might be infinite ways to turn your innovations to result but what are the vital ones? We’ll tell you!    

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Have you always heard people say, “Be the kind of entrepreneur with great ideas!” But, how does one get the ideas from? Apart from living and breathing in the field that you want to create a startup in, there are a few simple yet significant things you need to remember in order to have your … Continue reading Now Get The Perfect Startup Idea!

The most frequently asked question by every mid forties entrepreneur – “Is it too late to start my own business now? Am I too old for this? Can I do this?” The Chennai Angels say “YES!” While it may seem like young entrepreneurs are always making news and receiving recognition for their accomplishments, it’s not true … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late To Be An Entrepreneur

Escaping the corporate world and becoming one’s own boss is definitely attractive but every entrepreneur definitely needs to face a lot of hurdles before he/she gets there. The Chennai Angels celebrates entrepreneurship and all the entrepreneurs out there by giving out the benefits of being an entrepreneur! Being a successful entrepreneur is not easy. But … Continue reading BENEFITS OF BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR!

Going from a startup to a business is definitely a rocky road filled with land mines but The Chennai Angels gives you seven important instances you need to avoid while building you startup from scratch! Analyze the market and build a product accordingly. Never build a product or work on something that will not be of … Continue reading Startup Mistakes That You Should Avoid!

Congratulations on your big potential startup idea! What next? Some funds, of course! But how do you find the right investor for your business? Your investor needs to believe in your vision, understand the challenges ahead and should possess the right business techniques to help you. Apart from that, you need to understand your options … Continue reading HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT INVESTOR FOR YOUR STARTUP

You had a successful big idea that was nutured and funded, now what next? How to Grow Your Startup! The Chennai Angels tells you how! Practice, Practice, Practice : As an entrepreneur, always make sure you practice enough before you start something new – be it something as complicated as a new product or something … Continue reading Grow Your Startup

As your start-up matures, obtaining a second round funding helps expand your business and grow into new opportunities. Alas, receiving it may not be that easy since the startup needs to prove both in words and numbers, show their past growth and future profitable plans. When a startup company raises money from VCs, it happens … Continue reading THE KEY TO SECURING SECOND PHASE FUNDING explained by Mentor Muthu

Every startup is a dream come true. Initially even though everything looks very successful and green, every entrepreneur definitely needs to have a backup plan. Just as you needed a plan to get into a business, you’ll need a plan to get out of it and it needs to be a successful one. While the reasons … Continue reading PLAN YOUR EXIT RIGHT explained by Mentor Muthu