Going from a startup to a business is definitely a rocky road filled with land mines but The Chennai Angels gives you seven important instances you need to avoid while building you startup from scratch! Analyze the market and build a product accordingly. Never build a product or work on something that will not be of … Continue reading Startup Mistakes That You Should Avoid!

Congratulations on your big potential startup idea! What next? Some funds, of course! But how do you find the right investor for your business? Your investor needs to believe in your vision, understand the challenges ahead and should possess the right business techniques to help you. Apart from that, you need to understand your options … Continue reading HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT INVESTOR FOR YOUR STARTUP

You had a successful big idea that was nutured and funded, now what next? How to Grow Your Startup! The Chennai Angels tells you how! Practice, Practice, Practice : As an entrepreneur, always make sure you practice enough before you start something new – be it something as complicated as a new product or something … Continue reading Grow Your Startup

As your start-up matures, obtaining a second round funding helps expand your business and grow into new opportunities. Alas, receiving it may not be that easy since the startup needs to prove both in words and numbers, show their past growth and future profitable plans. When a startup company raises money from VCs, it happens … Continue reading THE KEY TO SECURING SECOND PHASE FUNDING explained by Mentor Muthu

Every startup is a dream come true. Initially even though everything looks very successful and green, every entrepreneur definitely needs to have a backup plan. Just as you needed a plan to get into a business, you’ll need a plan to get out of it and it needs to be a successful one. While the reasons … Continue reading PLAN YOUR EXIT RIGHT explained by Mentor Muthu

Choosing your co-founder is one of the most important things to do in a startup because your company’s future, your future and fortune depends on the person you hire. Often, picking a co-founder will not be very hard because of his natural traits to adapt to daily work but other times, you will have to … Continue reading WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN YOUR CO-FOUNDER ?

Brigge, a Chennai-based app that curates neighborhood leisure activities and connects like-minded people, pitched to raise a second round of funding from The Chennai Angels who provided their seed funding. Pitching for a second round of funding is definitely a difficult task for startups because of the different stages of reviewing the business, evaluating the necessity … Continue reading BRIGGE’S JOURNEY TO SECOND ROUND OF FUNDING

Earlier this week, we caught up with Mithun Sacheti to talk about CaratLane, his equation with his founders and how young entrepreneurs can make it big in this startup burst. When talking about how a business looks in the initial stages, Mithun reveals that any business, at different times, is in different stages and that … Continue reading A One-On-One With Mithun Sacheti, Founder, CaratLane

While there is always an ongoing debate on whether entrepreneurs are born or made, there is one aspect that cannot be denied – entrepreneurs can always have their skills polished! Skills like efficient communication is one of the most important elements required to be a successful entrepreneur. Sometimes, an entrepreneur might not be a very … Continue reading Skills Required By An Entrepreneur

The Chennai Angels is proud to announce an investment of Rs 2.5 Cr. in a Delhi based startup – GetMyParking (www.facebook.com/getmyparking). GetMyParking is an Urban Digital Infrastructure startup building Smart Parking systems for City Management, Parking contractors, and Consumers. GetMyParking has scaled to Over 1 Million parking bookings within 200 days of operations. With a … Continue reading Chirag Jain, co-founder of GetMyParking on his experience with The Chennai Angels