MBA from a premier Management Institute at Calcutta. (IIMC) Born in Calcutta, College in Bombay, worked in Delhi and Chennai. Professional. Coca Cola Export Corporation, New Delhi. (Employee) Nestle Products India Ltd, New Delhi. (Employee) Rediffusion Advertising, Chennai.(Employee) Gum India Ltd, Chennai.(Confectionery).(Promotor.) In its time, the company was the market leader in the gum business … Continue reading NARAYANAN R – NETT 10 DIGITAL LTD.

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Have you always heard people say, “Be the kind of entrepreneur with great ideas!” But, how does one get the ideas from? Apart from living and breathing in the field that you want to create a startup in, there are a few simple yet significant things you need to remember in order to have your … Continue reading Now Get The Perfect Startup Idea!

Choosing your co-founder is one of the most important things to do in a startup because your company’s future, your future and fortune depends on the person you hire. Often, picking a co-founder will not be very hard because of his natural traits to adapt to daily work but other times, you will have to … Continue reading WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN YOUR CO-FOUNDER ?

Chennai-based angel network The Chennai Angels has announced it has invested Rs 3.5 crore ($500,000 million) in home automation company Silvan Innovation Labs, a company providing technology-enabled security and entertainment amenities at homes. “Silvan has a strong team, an excellent product portfolio and is trusted by several leading developers in India. We are pleased to … Continue reading Home automation start-up Silvan seals first equity deal with Rs 3.5 crore from Chennai Angels