Congratulations on your big potential startup idea! What next? Some funds, of course! But how do you find the right investor for your business?

Your investor needs to believe in your vision, understand the challenges ahead and should possess the right business techniques to help you. Apart from that, you need to understand your options since different investors can fulfill different goals. Do you need a bigger network? More expertise? More money? All three?

You also need to educate yourself on the resources investors can provide you with. Be it capital or infrastructure or something even simple as words of encouragement. Your investor can be anywhere but you need to know where to look. Finding the best type of investor for your company is a crucial step but you also need to know how to connect with one.

Lastly, once you’ve found a potential investor, you need to ensure he or she will mesh with your culture. Find someone who can act as both a willing backer and a wise mentor to help your business thrive.

Below, Mentor Muthu will help you pick the right investor for your growing startup!