Grow Your Startup

You had a successful big idea that was nutured and funded, now what next? How to Grow Your Startup! The Chennai Angels tells you how!

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice : As an entrepreneur, always make sure you practice enough before you start something new – be it something as complicated as a new product or something as simple as getting on a stage and giving a speech.


2.  Youth Can Be A Strength : Feeling too old to be an entrepreneur? Well, don’t! Look at it experience-wise and you win!


3. Position Yourself Against The Market Leader : Your startup, however unique it might be, will definitely have a competitor. You need to understand, accept and strategize how to play against them.


4. Find Your Why : That very reason behind the launch of your startup is the only motivation for you to work towards it and excel.


5. Spark Celebrity Buzz : Celebrity endorsements work wonders when you have tried everything else to market your startup.


Stay tuned to read more on startups, seed funding, second-phase funding, successful exits, co-founders and much more!