IndusAge Partners

IndusAge Technology Venture Fund I, the first fund created by IndusAge Partners is being formed to make early to scale up investments in Technology and Technology oriented services companies in India. This fund is formed to avail of the unique opportunity that exists at the current time for the formation of global companies out of India. Given the nascent early stage/growth stage ecosystem in India combined with the gradual aggregation of Venture/PE funds towards later stage and public market investments, we believe there are significant untapped potential and market need for innovative companies to get the required access to capital in relatively earlier stages of value creation.


IndusAge Advisors’ is the advisory arm of IndusAge Partners. IndusAge’s engagement with its client Company involves a long term relationship, guiding the enterprise on its business strategy, performance management, capital management and investor relations. The advisory components are structured over a series of monthly review meetings. These monthly meetings are backed by research and analysis of the market, competition and the organization.