Mahesh Ramachandran

Mahesh Ramachandran is a successful Serial and Social Entrepreneur turned investor. He is Partner of Pontaq, a £50 million UK India Innovation Fund. Mahesh is an approved person by the Financial Conduct Authority of UK to undertake fund management activities. Mahesh is also an accredited investor as defined in Rule 501 Regulation D of SEC. He is the founder of  Commonwealth Inclusive Growth Services Ltd which operates in over 25,000 locations across 27 states in India. It handles over US$800 million of government to citizen benefits every year servicing over 4 million rural customers. Mahesh chairs TiE FinTech Special Interest Group and is in the Governing Council of TiE Chennai. Mahesh is a visiting faculty of Indian School of Business and Bennett University where he teaches digital transformation, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. Mahesh holds an MBA from the University of Westminster, Sloan Masters in Leadership & Strategy (Distinguished Sloan Fellow of London Business School) from University of London. Mahesh heads the LBS Alumni club in Chennai. Mahesh Ramachandran brings with him several decades of rich & varied experience in the field of Entrepreneurship, FinTech, Rural Marketing, Digital Transformation, Leadership, Mentoring & Governance. His entrepreneurial ventures include peer to peer foreign exchange portal, targeted advertisement, and digital payment solution and financial inclusion.