Narayanan R (Naru)

MBA from a premier Management Institute at Calcutta. (IIMC)

Born in Calcutta, College in Bombay, worked in Delhi and Chennai.


Coca Cola Export Corporation, New Delhi. (Employee)

Nestle Products India Ltd, New Delhi. (Employee)

Rediffusion Advertising, Chennai.(Employee)

Gum India Ltd, Chennai.(Confectionery).(Promotor.)

In its time, the company was the market leader in the gum business with a national share of over 60%. Company eventually wound up.

Indian Food Fermentations Ltd.(Processed foods). As the main promotor and Chief Executive this listed company was to franchise the Masala Dosa through automatic dispensing machines.1992 to 2000. Over 250 franchises were set up in Bombay city alone. Investors exited profitably subsequent to the public issue. Company is no longer in operation.

Nett10 digital Ltd. A consultancy organization focused on the IT industry and the FMCG industry. 2000 till date.nett10’s primary focus is to bring IT products to the Indian marketplace.(Promotor)

2020 media.A leading public relations firm focused on the technology industry.(Promotor). Company has been acquired by the Publicis groupe.

Kaati Zone. (Promotor). Exited profitably, purchased out by partner.

Nett10 advisors LLP – a micro venture capital advisory firm.