It’s Never Too Late To Be An Entrepreneur

The most frequently asked question by every mid forties entrepreneur – “Is it too late to start my own business now? Am I too old for this? Can I do this?”

The Chennai Angels say “YES!”

While it may seem like young entrepreneurs are always making news and receiving recognition for their accomplishments, it’s not true at all for it does not depend on the age of the person but the idea he / she has derived – and an idea can come to anyone, anytime! Agreed?


What are some of the most important advantages of being an aged entrepreneur?

  1. You have experience on life.
  2. You know a lot of people, who know people who know people!
  3. You know how a business works, how to set goals and achieve it.
  4. You are financially secure.

Now put that idea on paper and get going! All the very best!

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