Pollisetty shyam

Messrs. Polisetty Somasundaram, an Export House, recognized by the Govertment of India was floated in the year 1943 by the late Sri. Polisetty Somasundaram. Now it is been managed by his son- Sri. Polisetty Sri Hari Prasad Rao and his grand son Sri. Polisetty Shyam Sundar.

They are one of the leading Tobacco Exporters in India occupying second place to I.T.C Ltd. They execute more than Rs.500 Crores annual exports to the U.K Continent, Russian Federation & other Middle East Countries.

They have many processing centers, Redrying Plant at Boppudi & Warehousing facilities at Guntur, Budampadu, Marripalem, Chilakaluripeta, Boppudi, Martur, Mederametla, Kanchikacherla ect.

They also have commercial Properties at Hyderabad, Chennai & Bangalore, which are leased to Multi- National Companies.

Due to the increase in demand for threshed tobacco from Overseas buyers they floated their own Threshing Plant at Kaza, Guntur District with a toatl project cost of Rs.100 Crores and installed capacity of 12 Mt/hour.

They have consistently been the largest exporter of Un-Manufactured Tobacco from India for the last 18 financial years in the Non- Manufacturer’s Category.