Sandhya Subramanyam is a Director of Ehrlich Laboratory Private Limited, a leading diagnostic center in Chennai.  Founded in 1938, Ehrlich is the oldest private laboratory in the country today, offering advanced path lab testing in addition to associated diagnostics in cardiology, radiology/ sonology, etc.  Sandhya currently oversees new projects, including the latest Home Health services offering, and partially oversees operations and growth.  She is especially interested in the healthcare space today, where different opportunities for growth & service are presenting themselves daily.

Prior to Ehrlich, Sandhya has had over 12 years of healthcare management consulting experience in USA, China and India.  She has worked with various hospitals, labs, insurance companies, educational institutions, think tanks etc. where her primary focus was strategic growth, operational efficiency and new business development.

Sandhya graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business and Information Technology from Boston University, and an undergraduate degree in Manufacturing Engineering from College of Engineering, Anna University.

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