Sanjay A Wadhwa

Managing Partner
AP International.

Sanjay is the Managing Partner of AP International. He started his career with the family business of finance of films and commercial finance which is in existence since 1956. He has diversified the business and grown the media business, becoming one of the largest exporters of Tamil films from India. In the course of his career, he has been involved with setting up of Pyramid audio (a leading audio label in South India) and also have set up AnAk Exports Private Limited, a 100 per cent EOU for the export of films in various digital formats.

AP International is present in all verticals of the entertainment industry except production of films. They have cinemas in Sharjah, London and Birmingham. AP International has a back catalogue of 450 Tamil and Malayalam films and has catered to home entertainment.

He has completed his education at Don Bosco, Loyola College, Chennai and his MBA in finance from the University of Scranton, USA in 1987.

Sanjay is married to Vrinda, and have 2 children , his son Anish has graduated from the University of Warwick UK in Sept 2013 with his MS in business (finance and accounting) and his daughter is in Nottingham Trent University pursuing her MSc in Digital Marketing and Social Media.