Founded in 1994, Pan Asia Group is a privately held family business of several companies with worldwide business operations and headquartered in Singapore. Pan Asia’s service offerings span diverse areas such as Energy, IT consulting, IT solutions, providing outsourced IT services, and investments in Real estate.

Mr. Sreehari is in this group is as follows:

Pan Asia Resources – (Consulting): Director – Singapore | with branches in Phillipines, Taiwan, Australia, USA

Pan Asia HR Solution – (Staff Augmentation): CEO – India

Pan Asia Ventures – (Commodities Trading): Director – Singapore

Pan Asia Software Solutions – (Professional & Managed services): Director – Malaysia

Why Mr. Sreehari would like to join TCA:

I consider myself an entrepreneur and an investor.Given a chance I would like to actively participate in the Angels network of Chennai, to be a valued addition to the selection and funding process as well as to be a part of the forefront of innovation in Chennai and India.