Start-ups That Received Angel Funding In 2015


2015 saw a peak in investment activity across multiple sectors. According to, in 2014, total deal value stood at about $5 billion and volumes at over 300 deals. The first two quarters of the calendar year as well as the last quarter saw similar amounts being invested: $1.7 billion each in Q1 and Q4 and $1.8 billion in Q2. However, Q3 was the blockbuster quarter in terms of the amount of investments, with deals worth $3.8 billion.

More companies went for initial rounds of funding in 2015. Angel/seed and venture capital firms invested a total of $778 million over 695 deals, according to VCCEdge. In comparison, 2014 had seen $538 million being invested across 374 deals.

Now let’s take a closer look at the top startups in India that got Angel Funding in 2015 –

1.Company Name  : PropeSee

Founders: Ishaan Sethi, Harshil Gurha and Jitesh Luthra

Founding year: 2014

Funded by: Indian Angel Network and Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs

Amount: $500,000

Headquarters: New Delhi

PropheSee is Software as a Service (SaaS) platform targeted towards brands investing in the digital arena. It was founded with the aim to build the most efficient, digestible & affordable solution to help brands take charge of their data.

2. Company Name: Hitwicket

Founding year: 2012

Headquarters: Hyderabad

Founders: Kashyap Reddy, Rishav Rastogi, Rajat Singhal and Saurabh Maheshwari.

Funded by: The Chennai Angels

Amount:  $ 250,000

Hitwicket lets you play the role of a Manager of a T20 Cricket Team and make all strategic decisions. The matches are simulated ball-by-ball by Hitwicket’s propitiatory Match Engine Algorithm based on various parameters. Currently, the game can be played on or on Hitwicket Android App.

3. Company Name: BookEventz

Founding year: 2012

Founders: Harsh Baid and Shriti Chhajed

Funded by:  Mumbai Angels, Zishaan Hayath (PLV) and Singapore Angel Network

Amount: Undisclosed

Headquarters: Mumbai

BookEventz is a venue and banquet booking platform with 1000+ venues ranging from restaurants, lounges to resorts and hotels. They also provide other services such as group booking at restaurants and culinary workshops for a unique party experience.

4. Company Name: Brigge Technologies

Founding year: 2015

Headquarters: Chennai

Founders:   Prasanna Jagannathan, Sampath Jagannathan and Murali Satagopan

Funded by: The Chennai Angels

Amount: Undisclosed

Brigge is a social platform where people can discover and participate in activities happening in their areas of interest. Apart from this, Brigge also lets people create activities that other people interested can join. Brigge users can also share updates and photos within the activity.

4. Company name: RepUp

Founding year: 2014

Headquarters: Gurgaon

Founders:  Pranjal Prashar

Funded by: Indian Angel Network

Amount: Undisclosed

Repup aggregates online comments and feedback on hotels based on data from about 100 websites, helping owners make decisions on their operations, service and pricing.

5. Company name: Explara

Founding year: 2008

Headquarters: Pune

Founders: Santosh Panda and Ashok Kumar

Funded by: Hyderabad Angels, Singapore Angel Network, Ness Wadia

Amount: $500K

Explara is an event platform that makes events easy to organize and participate in. With presence in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and New Delhi, Explara the company has partners located in UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines.

6. Company Name: Anakage

Founding year: 2013

Headquarters: Bangalore

Founders:  Rajeev Kumar and Prosenjit Ghosh

Funded by: CIO Angel Network (CAN)

Amount:  Undisclosed

Anakage aims to simplify the process of learning software and improves efficiency. The technology replaces video and other supporting formats with content, aiming to enhance productivity.

7. Company Name: Fourseven

Founding year: 2013

Headquarters: New Delhi

Founders:  Rebekkah Kumar

Funded by: Indian Angel Network

Amount:  $ 455,000

Fourseven is an online Indian jewelry retailer that have designer jewelry in silver, gold plating, semi-precious stones and other materials, with price points ranging from INR 500 – Rs 20,000. The company is primarily operating online and offline through various exhibitions.

8. Company name: Eckovation

Founding year: 2015

Headquarters: New Delhi

Founders:  Ritesh Singh and Akshat Goel

Funded by: Chandigarh Angel Network (CAN)

Amount:  Undisclosed

Eckovation is a platform where students, teachers and parents can connect and collaborate on a secure platform and share information.  It is a cloud based app, where everyone can create their own accounts and get linked to each other.