Vardhman Jain


Vardhman has set upand runs multiple businesses. He exited his first venture in 2010, a healthcare BPO to set up a vocational training company – LaurusEdutech. A serial entrepreneur, he and his brother have set up World Haus India, a company that caters to the low cost housing market; and a tele-medicine company that will make primary medical care accessible to rural India. Vardhman is also involved in Asia (Chennai) Engineering, his family’s construction business.

Vardhman is passionate about politics. Apart from his love for work and politics, Vardhman is a keen traveler and an absolute techie at heart. He is always on the lookout for the next “it” gadget.

Aperture :

Education :B.S. Computer Science – University of Texas, Austin. B.Sc, Statistics – Loyola College
Interests :Technology, Current affairs, Fitness, Cinema
Latest Fad :iPad, MacBook, UP by Jawbone
One liner from friends: Quiet performer, Discreet, Reliable