conducting business, financial and legal due diligence

Conducting Business, Financial and Legal Due Diligence

Conducting Business, Financial and Legal Due Diligence    (By K Ramakrishnan, Spark Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd. Senior Managing Director – Strategic Relationships)*  The Need Theory of fundamental finance postulates the direct correlation between risk and reward; however higher risk is not a guarantee for higher reward. Angel investors seeking to…


appiyo technologies raises s$500k from axilor ventures & the chennai angels

The Chennai Angels fund uFony ? School Diary

uFony Services Pvt. Ltd., the Pune-based Ed-Tech company, has raised funding from The Chennai Angels & other independent investors for School Diary®, an interactive platform that brings education to smartphones. School Diary® is a user-friendly platform that caters to K12 schools, helping them engage students and conduct classes virtually without…


the investment paradox

The Investment Paradox

There is a broad array of different investment criteria that directly influence the decision making of an angel investor. Some key factors that influence investors’ evaluation of startup s potential include detailed business plans, competitive advantage, previous knowledge and experience, personal preference, and an array of other non-financial considerations. According…


what do angel investors look for before investing in a start-up

What do Angel Investors look for before investing in a start-up?

Very early-stage start-ups at the idea stage choose to secure funding through bootstrapping and monetary support from friends and family. Once they have developed and tested the product or solution, they seek Angel investing, which is the most sought after form of entrepreneurial finance. Angel Investors are high net worth…