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The Chennai Angels is a leading angel investment network based in Chennai City with 120+ active individual, institutional and corporate angel investors.

Members of The Chennai Angels come from across multiple industries, and bring with them a vast pool of knowledge, expertise and financing capabilities to provide highly professional mentoring.

Many of the startups we fund are recommended by our own members. However, we understand that there are founders who may not have connections with our members. We encourage these entrepreneurs to submit their pitch decks to us through the TCA Platform.

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How to get Started


Experienced Team

TCA looks to work with coachable and energetic leaders with proven track records. The core team should be made up of people who have experience in their field with credentials to back it up. We also look for passionate founders and co-founders who understand the ins and outs of their business, be it financials or growth strategies.

Unique Solutions

There has to be a clear answer as to how the startup does things differently, be it the use of disruptive technology or new business models, etc. TCA prefers to work with startups that bring something new to the table. If your startup solves a critical problem for a customer or a business, and solves it in a way that is not only different from competition, but far more effective than existing solutions, you are more than likely to get funded by our investors.

Large Addressable Market

There needs to be a significant demand for the products/solutions. The startup should be capable of capturing a significant portion of the market share. TCA only funds businesses that can scale up over time.


The list of potential and existing competitors needs to be made clear. The startup needs to have significant competitive advantages in order to secure angel funding. Knowing what your competitor does and having a good hindsight into what their next move could be, would be a great bonus when you discuss competitive strategies with our investors. Let us know why someone else isn’t capable of reproducing what you have created.

Intellectual Property

Any and all intellectual properties that are used by the startup must be protected and the startup should not infringe on anyone else's trademarks and patents. TCA performs thorough Due Diligence and it is best to have a clean slate when applying for funding with us.


The startup needs to have a robust sales strategy in place. They need to explain how they are going to achieve further market penetration.


Founders need to provide honest financial projections and have proper knowledge of the same. This can include cash flow statements, balance sheets and income statements.

Exit Strategy

The startup needs to have the potential to provide 10x returns on Angel Investments. The types of exit strategies must be elaborated on.

Business Plan

All startups that apply for angel funding need to have a professional and methodical plan that perfectly articulates strategies or any key assumptions on how the business is to grow and operate.

Board of Directors

Startups that seek angel investing need to be ready to accommodate the board of directors from the Angel Group.

If you think you’re ready, fill out the application form on the TCA platform to get started!

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