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Welcome to The Chennai Angels! We are glad you have approached us and our endeavor will be to provide you with a quick and definite response.


After you've taken a look at our process and funding criteria, you are now ready to fill out our application form and get started.

The Chennai Angels use their own platform designed to support the activity of Angel Networks. We prefer that all entrepreneurs apply for funding using the questionnaire in the online application. To apply for funding please visit the TCA Platform

To ensure that we are able to take up your application immediately, please ensure that along with basic information about the Company and Promoter, you must upload a presentation (The presentation format can be seen here.)

We have established a Helpdesk for deal upload related matters. You may email in case you face difficulty accessing the Platform or uploading deals. We wish you all the best for your business and for the funding, and sincerely hope we can partner with you on your journey

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The Chennai Angels Network Association Module # 6, Sixth Floor, Block A, Phase II, IIT Madras Research Park, Kangam Road, Taramani, Chennai - 600113.
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