After working for 10 years in the IT Industry, in the United States of America, Amar Ramesh returned to India to start up in Photography.
Giving life to his calling, he started Studio A – a wedding photography firm in 2010.

In 10 years, Studio A now stands as a team of 30 like-minded individuals sharing the dream of creating a better and interesting world together.

In the journey, Amar Ramesh’s quest has always been, ‘What can we do to give back to society?’. As a result, a series of brands and initiatives were born.

The names to mention are Big Short films (Documentary filmmaking), Stones & Stories (Heritage documentation), Discover Tamil Nadu (Travel documentation), Mizu backdrops (Photography backdrops), Evolve (Photography workshops), Wall heart (Printed pictures), and Kadambavanam (Organic firm).

Amar Ramesh is an enterprising Individual, who has always seen an opportunity to embrace change and endeavour into newer horizons.

Right from inception, that has been the culture of his dream-come-true firm Studio A, which now is a boutique of brands, all born out of the need to solve problems. That is his key driver, the urge to solve problems.

His knack to build a team on the same line, is another notable highlight. From one man, to 20 full timers in the firm now, his idea is to empower individuals with Entrepreneurial abilities.

He has a deep interest for the culture and tradition of Tamil Nadu and has been working on various art projects in parallel, both commissioned and out of self-interest.