Areas of Practice

Quick review of Application, followed by internal evaluation over phone or meetings. An in-person pitch presentation is then schedules and typically takes place from the 4th to 6th week from date of application.

Detailed call or meeting, followed by extensive research by TCA. Typically done by second to third week from date of application.

Polling of interest and negotiation of terms is done between week 7 and 8 from date of application, followed by business, financial and legal due diligence, during the 9th or 12th week from date of application.

SHA is executed and funding is initiated. This typically occurs from the 13th to 14th week from the date of application.

We see a problem from the beginning from multiple angles. This versatility is a great asset: you as a customer have one contact

The financial experts that work with our company have all the resources to ensure the successful development of your projects