Founder, Cogent Innovations Private Ltd
Brief info

Founder & Cogent Innovations (P) Ltd & a product solutions company, based in Chennai with an emphasis on service and gate management software operating across continents.

Cogent has been successfully managing operations in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and Africa. Cogent specializes in ATM monitoring software, with 80% of all ATM-related issues being routed through Cogent pan India, from ATMs being down and not limited to cashless ATMs, these are monitored real-time, and experienced engineers are sent with delays being monitored by the minute.

Cogent's management software implementation for the Income Tax Department of India is our proudest, our services for the IT department include but is not limited to, refunds and related queries among others.

Cogent's key clients include Siemens, SAP, Hitachi, ITC, CMS, City Union Bank among others. Physical security Cogent's software, used to create visitor, material, contractor and other gate passes has been implemented by a number of large facilities across Chennai, these include DLF, Olympia Tech Park, Tata, Saint Gobain, BMW, Hyundai, and hotels like Leela and Trident make around 350 customers.