Chairman, Shanthi Gears Ltd
Brief info

L Ramkumar currently lives in Chennai. He is on the Board of Shanthi Gears Ltd as their Chairman, Independent Director on the Board of Igarashi Motors India Ltd and is a Member of the Board of Governors of IIM Bodhgaya. He is also on the Boards of Great Cycles Pvt. Ltd and Creative Cycles Pvt. Ltd based in Sri Lanka. 

Ramkumar retired from a full time role as Managing Director of Tube Investments of India Ltd in August 2018 after a successful stint for over 10 years in the position. 

He has been heading businesses or companies over the last 25 years of his career. 

He was CFO of TII before moving onto a business role. He has been a part of the Boards and the committees of listed companies during the last 25 plus years.

His experience has been in sectors such as bicycles, automobile tier 1 and 2 supplier, industrial products such as gearboxes and gears, chains and belts, polymer products, telecom cables and optical fiber. 

Ramkumar was the President of The Madras Management Association (2018/19). He was awarded the Business Leader of the Year 2018 by Loyola Alumni Association. He has played a key role in mentoring senior leadership as well. 

His contribution has been in the areas of financial turnaround, fundraising, investor relations, market share improvement, export growth, creating a customer centric culture, setting up greenfield projects, M&A, Development of leadership pipeline, innovative marketing strategies for the bicycle business like the outsourcing model, geared products, retail focus, driving the concept of cycling for fitness and as a sport, etc. 

His interests are Music, Cricket, Films and Bridge.