CEO, Purple Drive Technologies
Brief info

Sundar Seth brings 20 years of marketing experience and has scaled successful global businesses. He combines entrepreneurial zeal with a corporate outlook that brings exponential growth to the innovative companies he manages.

He founded Purple Drive, a technology company that helps Purple global companies and system integrators in their digital transformation. Purple Drive’s growth is a product of Sundar’s relentless pursuit of business goals with his marquee team.

Prior to Purple Drive, in 2004, Sundar founded CTSIT, a competency-based technology firm with customers across the US, India, Singapore, and Australia. Under his strategic leadership, CTSIT had grown to a 1500+-employee company. In 2014, Innova Solutions acquired CTSIT.

Sundar is also an avid investor in various startups and mature companies across India and North America. He serves as an advisor for NY-based Startup Cube.

Sundar believes rural education to be an essential priority, which has helped him create ‘Diya Foundation’, a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. With this vision, Diya awards financial scholarships to children in need. Currently, the foundation has built classroom infrastructure for rural schools & supports many students’ school and college education.