Co-founder Head of Engineering, Success4 Solutions Private Ltd
Brief info

He has a broad knowledge base and a good understanding of a wide range of technologies and an Engineering leader with more than 12 years of professional experience in embedded systems, system software, cloud backend, and frontend applications, web services, Linux kernel development, kernel optimization, system performance, ETL, Data Analytics, QlikView and Data encryption.

He has extensive experience working up and down the stack and an open-source evangelist.

A through and through Start-up person. In 2009, he joined as a member of the founding team and second engineer at Kno, an education startup (raised $90M from the likes of A16Z, Mike Maples, etc) which eventually got acquired by Intel Corporation.

He quit the job in 2016 and started an IoT senior healthcare startup called Togg (YC 2017 batch), which raised $3.9M from YCombinator, Google Ventures, etc and in 2018 went onto join Success4, a customer success management startup as a co-founder and Head of Engineering (current startup).

He is highly passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, and startups.